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Photography: Personal Projects 
Cost 240.00$
Age from 16 years

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Photography: Personal Projects
From Sep 28th to Nov 16th, 2023
Thursday 06:00 to 09:00, room TBA-Non-Cr TBA
Group number A78-710011-1

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Learning objectives

In this course, the teacher will support the participants in the conception and making of their

photography personal projects. Personal Projects is meant for students with basic photography

experience and the purpose is to prepare them to articulate sequences of images in which they

will be able to express their personal vision.

We will explore the phases of a project such as conception, research, production, final product,

and presentation, which can take the shape of a slideshow or a sequence of prints to be

displayed in a given space. The idea is to develop self-expression through photography and

provide the tools for producing your photography project from A to Z.

The topics will range from choosing, approaching, and following a subject, to analyzing, editing,

sequencing, and displaying your images on the screen and in print. The conceptual, formal, and

technical aspects of the projects will be addressed, reflected on, and discussed in class. The

focus will be set on experimentation and the search for a personal language. A strong emphasis

will be stressed on helping the participants develop self-expression through photography.

This course is designed for people who already have a body of work (completed or in progress)

or want to start a new one from scratch. We will assess important questions inherent to

producing photographic series, visual essays, and documentary work. We will also watch and

discuss relevant bodies of work that have marked the evolution and history of the photographic


PrerequisitesCamera Basics or how to use your camera, lens functions, and settings. Students must bring their own Mirrorless or DSLR Camera

Duration 24 hours (8 classes)

Aims - Production of a personal photography portfolio of 16 pictures printed on 11’ x

16’ paper.

- Production of a photography series of 40 pictures printed on 4’ x 6’ paper.

- Researching and collecting source material

- How to approach your subject

- Shooting a body of work

- Editing and sequencing pictures

- Writing workshop: Concepts, thought maps, and keywords

- Creating linear and non-linear visual narratives

- Reviewing key photo books and photography-based short films

- Visit and discussion of a photography show